Availability of warranty:

If any product of Primus Trade2Get Private Limited and/or Multiple Vendors, contains a warranty facility, the definite warranty period, nature and terms & conditions thereof will be shown on the product page.

Way to offer Warranty:

  1. Warranty for Brand Products: This type of warranty will apply to the products of brand products for a limited period of time declared by the then brands at the time of purchase. For product defects under normal use circumstances and at the discretion of the company, repair and/or replacement services will be provided by the Brands free of charge within the warranty period. Primus Trade2Get Private Limited will not take any responsibility for the after-sale services.
  1. Service warranty: All the responsibilities for getting the product service from the vendors, will fall on Primus Trade2Get Private Limited but customer may directly get the warranty service from the vendor showing invoice paper and warranty card. For any replacement of parts of the product for repairing under this warranty policy, customer have to bear cost for that part.

Provided that-

We don’t provide warranty service our global brand products (If there is no warranty coverage in Bangladesh).

If the customer Violates the terms & conditions of warranty, including but not limited to any damage caused by  customer, such as self-repairs, broken parts, bending, scratch, dent, burn, soaked or liquid damage, root or manual update, failure to comply with product manual, etc.

We request that you send us the products physically or by registered post for availing Warranty Service (if applicable) and that you purchase insurance with your carrier for the value of the product. This is necessary for getting compensation/protection against lose or damage of the goods.

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