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Top Mount Refrigerator


- DEC Technology

- Capacity: 150 Liter

- Refrigerant: R600a

- Compressor Guaranty: 12 Years


Brief Features:

- Direct Evaporator Cooling System

- Green Technology (HWP, ODP)

- 100% Copper Condenser

- 100% Food Grade Materials

- R600a Gas

- Energy Efficient

- Eco Friendly

- Faster Cooling System

- Anti-Bacterial Gasket

- Anti-Fungal Door Gasket

- Scratch-Proof Tempered Glass Door

- R30 Curve Door

- Thick Insulation

- Wide Voltage Range

- Low Noise



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Descriptive Feature:

  1. Foaming density: Newton refrigerators use high density foaming that allows food to cool quickly and keep it cool for long period of time even when the electricity is off.
  2. DECS: Direct evaporator cooling system that cools the freeze quickly so that the smell of one food does not mix with another.
  3. Auto Defrost Compartment: A feature of the frost freeze that does not allow ice to accumulate in the food in the normal part of the freeze. As a result, the quality of food stays alive for a long time.
  4. Green Technology (HWP, ODP): For making our newton refrigerator do not use any harmful materials and gas for environment, which does not cause the corrosive layer to erode. For example, we use eco-friendly R-600a gas and our used plastic and metal is recyclables so maintain the environment.
  5. Tempered glass: Tempered glass is four times stronger than ordinary glass which makes it unlikely that the glass will break and cause an accident. Each glass used in our Newton freeze is tempered glass.
  6. Skin Condenser: Call it skin condenser because the condenser is inside the freeze .which makes the freeze look smart and visually pleasing. Because the condenser is not open to the external environment, the durability of the condenser increases.
  7. ABS Resin: ABS resin plastic polymer it is hard and high impact tolerant. Due to which ABS resin is used to make different parts of plastic in our Newton freeze.
  8. HIPS Resin: High impact polystyrene is a plastic polymer that is used in our refrigerator cabinets due to its high shock resistance and high strength. Due to which the longevity of the freeze increases.
  9. LED Lamp: Light emitting diode which is modern energy saving lamp technology. Bright light and long lasting, running on DC voltage which reduces energy consumption (1 Watt).
  10. WIDE VOLTAGE RANGE: Freezes are damaged due to voltage fluctuations in our country. With the help of wise voltage range technology, our Newton refrigerator keeps the refrigerator running at 170 to 240 Volts. Due to this point the durability of the compressor increases and the quality of food has maintained.
  11. Faster Cooling: Our refrigerator cool very quickly compared to other refrigerator on the market. Our engineer developed faster cooling technology with EID-UL-Adha and meat preservation in mind. So that the meat cools quickly and stays good.
  12. Bigger Freezer: The potion of comparative deep freezer is kept large as per the demand of the customers of our country. So that more frozen food can be stored.
  13. Low Noise: Compared to other company’s refrigerator our refrigerators have less noise.(39 db)
  14. Silicon Free: Harmful silicon is not used in our Newton refrigerator. That’s why our Newton refrigerator looks visually pleasing and attractive.
  15. Anti-fungal gasket: Anti-fungal gasket Nano-particles are used for keep our Newton freeze door gasket free from fungus. These Nano-particles inhibit the growth of other germs including fungi.
  16. Electronics Control: Temperature controller that helps control and monitor the temperature of the refrigerator of accurately, which saves electricity.
  17. Edge less door (Glass, Metal): Edge less door is a new style design that is aesthetic and attractive to look at.
  18. Rack Evaporator: The evaporator rack type of our bottom mounted freeze has been used. Which quickly controls the temperature keeps food cool and saves electricity.
  19. Anti-rust metal: Zinc alloy is used in all Newton refrigerators as an anti-rust preventive in all metals which protect the metal from rusting.
  20. Guaranty: 12 years compressor Guaranty.
  21. High COP compressor, express freeze: High COP compressor create more refrigeration effects which saves a lot of electricity.
  22. Self-locking rack: The safe locking system of our refrigerator can hold more load. The rack does not come out while taking food so there is no accident.
  23. Stabilizer Free: Our Newton refrigerators compressors and electronics control devices are suitable for low and high operation so no voltage stabilizer is required.
  24. Adjustable shelves: Our refrigerator shelves are adjustable which maximum use of the space inside the refrigerator.
  25. Express Freezing: The meat is cooled very quickly so that the nutrients in the meat are retained without the juices coming out. The quality is like fresh meat.
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NEWTON | NRT-150/GD-V-002 | Top Mount Refrigerator | 150 ℓ | Primus Bazaar

NEWTON | NRT-150/GD-V-002 | Top Mount Refrigerator | 150 ℓ | Primus Bazaar

৳ 21,000৳ 22,900 (-8%)